Wednesday, October 16, 2013

i have 3 cats that love kpop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehe yeah so i have 3 cats and i bought them little collars with bandannas (they are dog collars but my cats rock them!) so yeah i got them bandannas cuz of exo hehe in wolf they use a lot of bandannas so yeah  =here they are (btw one cat lost hers so yeah only 2 have it)

the one on this right is Dobby (from harry potter huge hp fan ^^) and the one on the left id Chandler (from the tv show friends)

 see Dobby has a blue bandanna and Chandler has a green one but she lost it how i dont know 
this one is Rosy she has a black bandanna 

so yeah whenever im on the computer they always come and sit in 

front of it and watch mv's with me its

 kinda cute ^.^ so yeah they totally like kpop keke once i was watching 

my kdrama iris and when 

dujun popped up rosy put her paw on his face and i was like "oh hall 

no rosy that man is my man :p " 

lol so yeah heres proof the like kpop


(this is Rosy) yeah me watching Iris 2 the last one is when she put her paw on him but i didnt get the pic :(
rosy again..

more proof
 this is Chandler so she likes B.A.P hehe yeah but all she did was watch no touching >o<

this is Dobby he likes SHINEE's Why So Serious dance tutorial hehe seems like he wanted to learn the dance ^.^

and when i sing a high note this is how Rosy looks at me

see im not crazy..well maybe aittle lol but yeah my cats like kpop now i shall work with my dogs to like it but whenever i sing to them they put oone ear down and one up and they kinda turn their heads so yeah

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Omg oppas congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love Beast they are so amazing!!! And how they just get better and better every comeback its just amazing. Every time im sad i can always count on beast to cheer me up with their goofiness hehe so yeah oppas CONGRATULATIONS!!! SARANGHAE!!!!!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm dancing again

yeah so i use to dance a lot and i did covers to kpop songs and i liked it but its been like a year since i did it and I've gained so much weight its like just wow. so now everyday imma dance again to kpop songs and do covers and maybe this time ill upload them to youtube hehe. so yeah imma try and do No More dream by BTS hehe >.< so yeah in 20 minutes i start now that im done with my hw yay! i had to order a camera online so i could have a good quality camera so yay ^^ and imma try and learn all the parts and do one member each time so yeah. FIGHTING!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kpop Aegyo that will make you go crazy ⊂((・▽・))⊃ ..........Part 1

So yeah i was looking at cute pictures of kpop and ended downloading a lot of cute pics hehe so yeah i decided to share them since i was so fangirling with these so yeah i um hope you like them ^.^

warning maybe a fangirl overload!!!

you have been warned!

So yeah enjoy >.<

B.A.P Himchan

EXO-K Sehun

EXO-M Luhan

Beast Dongwoon

Block B U-Know

EXO-M Xiumin

Girls Generation Sunny

EXO-K Suho

EXO-K Baekhyun

BTS Suga

BTS Suga & J-Hope


U-Kiss Kevin

B1A4 Cnu



B1A4 Gongchan

4Minute Hyuna


EXO-M Kris

hehe yes so cute ^^ i will save more cute ones and put part two later so for now i hope you enjoyed it hehe so bye bye