Saturday, October 12, 2013

I still cant control my feels for VIXX mv

Omg its been several days since their mv came out but omg i still fangirl over it >.< Yes i did stay up late at night waiting for the mv and it was .. amazing i was just my feels man my feels all the feels i just cant control
hehe yes 
Just Can't Control~  Just Can't Control~
but omg they were so cute and Leo with his heart with Hyuk omg so CUTE!!!!
omg he looks so cute both of them hyuks just like " Ah hyung yes smile make the fans go crazy >o<" ............yeah so overall i love the song it was amazing i really like the girls now imma have to look them up hehe  ^^ but yes ive already seen the music video thousands of times keke yes and ive started downloading pictures of the mv and I've screen shot a lot of the cute parts of the mv hehe.................... damn i think i need help i think i need...
I need therapy, Lalalalala therapy
I need therapy, Lalalalala therapy
hehe but yeah here are some cute pictures of them i got from Tumblr!!

 arent they super cute =^.^= hehe well then bye bye fellow ST★RLIGHTs and Kpopers 

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