Wednesday, October 16, 2013

i have 3 cats that love kpop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehe yeah so i have 3 cats and i bought them little collars with bandannas (they are dog collars but my cats rock them!) so yeah i got them bandannas cuz of exo hehe in wolf they use a lot of bandannas so yeah  =here they are (btw one cat lost hers so yeah only 2 have it)

the one on this right is Dobby (from harry potter huge hp fan ^^) and the one on the left id Chandler (from the tv show friends)

 see Dobby has a blue bandanna and Chandler has a green one but she lost it how i dont know 
this one is Rosy she has a black bandanna 

so yeah whenever im on the computer they always come and sit in 

front of it and watch mv's with me its

 kinda cute ^.^ so yeah they totally like kpop keke once i was watching 

my kdrama iris and when 

dujun popped up rosy put her paw on his face and i was like "oh hall 

no rosy that man is my man :p " 

lol so yeah heres proof the like kpop


(this is Rosy) yeah me watching Iris 2 the last one is when she put her paw on him but i didnt get the pic :(
rosy again..

more proof
 this is Chandler so she likes B.A.P hehe yeah but all she did was watch no touching >o<

this is Dobby he likes SHINEE's Why So Serious dance tutorial hehe seems like he wanted to learn the dance ^.^

and when i sing a high note this is how Rosy looks at me

see im not crazy..well maybe aittle lol but yeah my cats like kpop now i shall work with my dogs to like it but whenever i sing to them they put oone ear down and one up and they kinda turn their heads so yeah

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